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Meet Heather Harris of NorthStar Franchise Solutions: a seasoned leader with 30 years of experience driving growth and profitability for major brands through strategic sales and operational leadership.

Where the Passion Begins

Heather Harris

With a stellar 30-year track record of top personal and executive leadership performance in business and brand turnarounds and high-growth businesses, Heather Harris has the passion, expertise, and dexterity to design and implement the sales and operational infrastructure necessary to win big.

Set apart by her bold vision for continuous improvement, Ms. Harris effectively implements change backed by a clearly defined strategy, vision, and corporate culture.

Nimble across industries and categories, Heather possesses a breadth of knowledge that she readily adapts to meet an organization’s top-line sales and bottom-line profit needs. She has overseen large and small divisions throughout her career, with P&Ls from $18M to $250M.


Heather Harris excels in executive leadership and business transformation, with a robust 30-year track record in diverse industries.


Skilled in increasing profits for top brands like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, Heather drives successful financial strategies.


Heather applies her athletic drive to her professional role, fostering team spirit and collaboration for organizational success.

Our Network

We are deeply passionate about people, not just our clients but also our own team. As the old saying goes, “It takes a village,” and over the years, we have carefully assembled a highly trusted team capable of providing comprehensive support to your business in every necessary aspect.

Our network includes seasoned professionals in CFO and HR services, who bring extensive expertise in financial management and human resources to ensure your business operates smoothly and legally. Additionally, our team is equipped with marketing strategists and creative experts who craft compelling narratives and visuals to elevate your brand’s presence in the market.

We also provide top-tier website development, ensuring your digital presence is strong, along with specialized services in SEO and PPC marketing to increase your visibility and attract more customers online. Furthermore, our experts in operational process standardization have the skills to streamline your operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

By surrounding your business with our well-rounded team, we offer a holistic approach to business management and growth. Our network is designed to support your business comprehensively, ensuring every aspect is handled by experts. This not only fosters a thriving business environment but also enables you to focus more on strategic growth and innovation.

Our trusted team provides complete business support, from CFO to marketing services.

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